Aesthetic Treatments

Prestige Dentistry Hillcrest has expanded their offerings to include Aesthetic Treatments. We are now offering B*tox, Dermal Fillers as well as many other aesthetic treatments!

These treatments are used to enhance and compliment your natural beauty and help boost self-esteem. They also contribute to functionality and good oral health as they can be used to treat Bruxism, commonly known as Teeth Grinding as well skin issues.

We will holistically plan your treatment. Book your Aesthetics Consultation and we can decide on what is best for you and your overall wellbeing!


This is the movement and correction of mis aligned or “crooked” teeth and jaws into a more favorable position. Sometimes teeth do not have enough space or the jaws have not developed correctly. We diagnose the problems and then treat these problems to give you a beautiful smile. The earlier you correct these problems the better. So children should come in from an early age for orthodontic Screenings so that we can advise if any appliances are needed and when braces are needed.

Adult orthodontics is offered at Prestige Dentistry and we have many options to straighten your teeth. We use traditional braces, clear braces, appliances and clear aligners. We decide with you which option will best suit your lifestyle.

Pediatric Dentistry

The most important thing about excellent oral health is that it starts early. We love educating our Parents on instilling good oral hygiene practices in the daily lives of their precious children. We chat to expecting moms on the do’s and don’t during pregnancy and once the baby has arrived. Feeding positions and diet play an integral role in proper facial, nasal and oral growth.

We help give dietary suggestions and healthy lunch box ideas so that optimal health is achieved. We love children at Prestige Dentistry and enjoy making your child’s first dental appointment fun and exciting. Should we find any cavities (holes) we treat them timeously. We also help rectify any detrimental habits like thumb sucking which causes unwanted changes to the upper jaw bone. We always chat about correct breathing patterns and how to prevent snoring in both children and adults. We have numerous appliances which aid in correcting breathing patterns so that our patient’s breathe through their noses and not their mouths. Early detection of cavities, proper oral health, proper eating habits, and proper breathing and circulation makes a world of difference to a growing child.

Once we rectify these problems we encourage the healthy growth of children into adulthood. When indicated we also treat our very few patients in theater or under sedation in order to treat dental problems effortlessly without your child recalling the procedure.

Aligners Therapy

At Prestige Dentistry we offer Aligner Therapy to straighten teeth. This treatment is great for patients who do not want to have traditional braces placed. We will screen you by taking the necessary photos and models to analyze whether you are a candidate for Aligner Therapy.

Once we have decided if you are a candidate we digitize your smile with our team of smile designers and decide just how many aligners you will need. We then 3D print your Aligners and start your journey to a beautiful smile!

Ask us about Aligner Therapy at your next visit.

Teeth Whitening

Coffee , tea, colored drinks and many spices can cause extrinsic (on the outside) stains on our teeth. In order too keep our teeth fresh and white we offer teeth whitening and have many different packages to suit your needs. Once we have screened you we can advise which package is needed.

Root Canals

A root canal is recommended when the nerve in the tooth is badly damaged. The nerve is gently removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and shaped in order to be filled from the inside.

It is NOT a painful procedure and it is done with great success.

Pain Management, Grinding of Teeth and Joint Pain

As life becomes stressful often we find ourselves clenching and grinding our teeth. This may lead to joint pain, face pain, headaches, and even neck and backache. We help you through the process of alleviating these symptoms with biteplates and appliances. We may even refer you for physiotherapy and massage therapy depending on the severity of the joint damage.

Often orthodontic treatment may even be recommended. We assist in lifestyle changes to help eliminate the tension on these joints.


We offer Denture treatment and use only the best labs and technicians to ensure that your dentures feel absolutely apart of you.


Nobody wants a tooth taken out (unless the tooth fairy is going to visit), but when necessary we are here to make the procedure Pleasant and pain free. You will be advised as to how to replace the tooth with either and implant, bridge or denture.

Consultations, Cleaning & Dental Screening

Good oral health is the key to good overall health. Come in for your regularly 6 month check ups and scale and polish. This will ensure optimal oral hygiene and health.

At this visit we do a thorough screening in order to advise you of all your dental and oral hygiene needs. We will guide you as to what treatments are required or if you are good to go and we will then see you in 6 months time. We screen using only the best technology such as digital xrays and visual inspection.

Restorative Dentistry

If it is found during your first consultation by means of screening and digital xrays that you may need a “filling” we plan for it accordingly and offer only the best options.

We use the latest technology and materials to “fill” and decayed or broken teeth.

Crowns, Bridges and Implants

When teeth are severly broken or decayed then the best option may be a crown. A crown is a porcelain, ceramic or zirconia “cap” that is created specifically for your tooth through our digital impression that the lab uses to mill the crown that will fit perfectly over your natural tooth.

A bridge is milled to close a space if you have a missing tooth. It goes over the 2 teeth adjacent to the space. A implant is another option when there is a missing tooth. It has 2 components, the titanium part and the crown.